European history is a history of invasions


Hans Peter Schwarz, one of the most renowned representatives of German historiography who authored the authoritative and the official biographies of scores of CDU luminaries has devoted his latest book to the mass migration threatening Europe. The retired scholar was born in 1934 and has achieved everything – ranks, medals, influence – that a historian can achieve in Germany. I am emphasising all this because this work of his that I am about to review and that has prompted me further considerations [1], is characterised by a kind of courageous forthrightness and bluntness which is increasingly uncharacteristic of Germans. Unlike Schwarz, for the time being they content themselves with using the proven method of silencing the other side and have not so far launched the kind of character assassination offensive against him another giant of German historiography, the recently deceased Ernst Nolte was the victim of at the hands of „progressives” whose names even then were not worth remembering. The title of Schwarz’s book is a provocation in itself, as rather than using the mandatory term ‘refugee’ the press and the public are expected to abide by, Schwarz consistently writes ‘Völkerwanderung’, that is ‘migration of peoples,’ using an expression that nobody has had the courage to pronounce in Europe with the sole exception of Viktor Orbán. The book is in fact entitled The new Völkerwanderung towards Europe. About the Loss of Political Control and of Moral Certainties. (Die neue Völkerwanderung nach Europa. Über den Verlust politischer Kontrolle und moraslischer Gewissheiten, Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 2017, München)